Tukory Mansion in Dioš, Croatia


Featured in YBL JOURNAL OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT Vol. 7 Issue 2 (2019)
Boris Dundović
Institute of Art History, Zagreb, Croatia

Abstract: Tüköry Mansion in Dioš (Diósszentpál), Croatia, was designed by architects Ernő Foerk
and Gyula Sándy in 1904. It is situated near the Central Slavonian town of Končanica and in close
proximity of Daruvar, on an estate that belonged to Tüköry family. The late-historicist country house was
commissioned by Paula von Falkenberg, a widow of Alajos Tüköry de Algyest, as a permanent residence
for her and her three children. It was built in the eclectic late-historicist style of fin-de-siècle Hungary,
highly inspired by the late-medieval art and architecture of northern Italy. Those stylistic influences
were strongly manifested in the architectural design of the mansion, but even more its great hall, the
focal point of its layout, designed in 1904–05. Based on both archival and terrain research, this paper
aims to determine the main factors of the cultural and architectural identity of the mansion by elucidating
its history and stylistic genealogy.

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