City of Angels


My dream is to found a City of Angels. A city of love, acceptance and support. A place where children with special needs can live a happier and more peaceful life.

I believe that children with disabilities are sent to this world to change our hearts. At least that’s what happened to me. Before Vito, I lived the life of a beast. Nothing was ever enough; I always wanted more. I just had to win, no matter what.

Yes, I was quite the beast.

My son doesn’t know many things, but it seems that he knows how to tame beasts. He brought peace and light to my life. He made me want to be a better man. I owe him my life. My life belongs to him and his special friends.

One night I had a vision of the City of Angels. I didn’t know what it was at first; I just saw a beautiful castle surrounded by nature. Children ran freely, chased by playful animals. There were treehouses nestled in the limbs of giant trees. The castle looked over everything, welcomingly, lovingly.

I searched for the castle for about a year. I visited many places before I found it. “It” was an abandoned castle called Dioš (Diosh), which means “walnut” in Hungarian. I visited the castle’s owners, the Salesians of Don Bosco. I recognized Don Bosco from my dream too.  I knew then that this was the castle.

A couple of months later, I moved in.

If you asked me about the City of Angels, I’d have trouble describing it. Visions are very hard to explain. I just knew that this was where I should start building the City. I knew that I needed to wake the old castle up. I needed to wake my sleepy, hardened heart.

Acceptance. Love. Support. Friendship.

That’s what it takes to build the City of Angels. Everything else is just blueprints.